Some information about wedding day:


Many future brides are faced with the dilemma of which of all the wedding traditions to observe during their wedding day. Well, this is not so complicated when you have a choice of many options that have existed in Bulgarian history since time immemorial.
Although traditions are not what they were 100 years ago, to the delight of some and not so much to others, some are still being followed. In the end, observing the traditions on this important day remains a matter for the newlyweds themselves to choose.

Outside Ritual” has become popular last few years. It is usually in the garden of the complex where your wedding party is instead of the municipality. For this purpose, you need a lead-woman from the municipality and a sound from the DJ you have hired.


After the ceremony, photos and a cocktail party are taking place – Welcome Drink!
Sometimes it’s combined with gifts giving from the guests to the newlyweds.
After completing this section, you are already transferring to the restaurant
where the party is celebrating.

Overall, the celebration in the restaurant consists of several main parts:
(by Bulgarian Way)
     – Meeting the newlyweds in the restaurant
     – First wedding dance
     – Official part
     – “Buying” Cake and rooster of the bridesmaid and best man
     – Cutting the wedding cake by the newlyweds
     – Bride’s round dance (Bride’s Horo-not on every wedding)
     – Throwing bouquet / & garter /