About Me


I live in Sliven since I was born, I grew up here.

I have been doing this for over 25 years, and my long experience as a club DJ, sound director, and radio host is at the base of my professional development. Over 800 couples made me part of their big day!

It’s been an honor, an extraordinary experience! Thank you for your trust!

I have the necessary equipment for sounding small, big halls and open spaces. I have a spare one just in case. Stage lighting and smoke machine are also part of the mandatory equipment!

There are two assistants with me Since 2015 at the wedding celebrations, with who we recreate the incredible atmosphere between authentic folklore and contemporary requirements! (see on Facebook for more information)

Distances are not a problem! For longer distances (over 200 km) it is preferable a room to be provided for the night.

My music library is huge, and I have music of all styles for every preference, opportunity to include guest artist or orchestra.
In case of need or additional equipment – Can be provided!

The others about Me:

„We also thank to Dimitar Bonev for his professionalism as our DJ and presenter, you made our wedding day even more fun and unforgettable, we also thank the dance troupe for the show you did and most of all huge thanks to another professional Nedelcho Velikov – photo, for succeeding to seal every moment of that day! ”

„It is very easy and pleasant to work with an accurate and correct professional like DJ Mitko Bonev. He gave us a lot of useful advice and complied with our preferences. Our wedding celebration was more than wonderful! Thanks for the professionalism, care and great mood! ”

„I also want to thank DJ Dimitar Bonev, who managed to satisfy the wishes of 3 generations of generations, who rejoiced until dawn and such as for the last time!
A compliment from the German guests too! ”

more reviews here
(in bulgarian)