The price of the service is always prepared individually, according to the requirements and the specific case!

Usually is between 700 – 1000 BGN.

(depending on your preferences)


  • Packages: Basic, Standart, Extra and more…
  • LED Lights and extras: low fog machine, light logo (gobo) with names and more…
  • Translation: (Male for German or Female for Full English, or ME for basic english)

Here is the prices:

„BASIC“ – 650 BGN

For small halls and a limited number of guests – up to 40-50 people.
Includes me as a DJ and the minimum technical equipment needed for the celebration.

Suitable for today’s restrictions.


*Includes me as a DJ
*Appropriate equipment for Large Halls, Open Spaces, and Summer Gardens
*Sounding of „Outdoor Ritual (ceremony)“ and (or) „Welcome Drink“ within the complex where the wedding is.
*If the „Outdoor Ritual“ ceremony is elsewhere, even without electro power:
I can provide a unit (generator)! (for beach, shore, meadow)
Possibility to sound classical musicians for the ceremony – price: negotiable (according to requirements)

Optional: Assistants – two girls in traditional costumes, with which we do the rituals and typical customs of wedding celebrations

„EXTRA“ – 1100 BGN

Includes „STANDARD“ package + addition of stage lighting on the dance floor and the hall
(PAR spotlights – 8 pcs. And moving heads – 4 pcs.), Light logo (gobo) with the names of the newlyweds, bubble machine (soap type), machine for fog (usual) and more…

If you prefer the modern „Heavy Smoke – Low Fog machine„, which „creeps“ on the floor and is extremely spectacular for the first dance (and not only) + BGN 200.

Other services:

For translation BG – EN, or BG – German, or other + 240 BGN
For ceremony: + 60 BGN

Party DJ (worked in club):
+ 250

Professional Bulgarian Folklore Dancers: + 500 BGN (with program)

Two assistants with me, who’s help in my work: + 150 BGN

Low Fog Machine „CHAUVET NIMBUS„: + 220 BGN (for 2-3 inclusions)

For transport (if necessary): 30 BGN / 100km.