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Some information about wedding day:

In recent years, it has become popular to make an „Outside Ritual“
It is done instead of signing in the municipality and is usually in the garden of the complex,
where is your wedding party.
For this purpose, you need a lead-woman and a sound (from the DJ you have engaged)


After the ceremony, photos and a cocktail party are taking place – Welcome Drink
Sometimes it is combined in this part to offer the gifts of guests to the newlyweds


After completing this section, you are already transferring to the restaurant where the party is celebrating.

Overall, the celebration in the restaurant consists of several main parts:
(by Bulgarian Way)
     – Meeting the newlyweds
     – Official part
     – Presenting the gifts of the kums / Cake and cock /
     – Cutting the wedding cake by the newlyweds
     – Bride’s Horo (not on every wedding)
     – Throwing bouquet / & garter /